The mechanics, body and interiors of our classic cars are in pristine conditions thanks to the constant maintenance work of our professional restoration team.
Alfa Romeo GTV spider

Alfa Romeo Ė GTV Spider Ė 1998

The Alfa Spider embodies the Alfa philosophy in every way. Breathtaking design coupled with a great chassis and a sporty engine.

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Triumph Spitfire - 1977

Triumph Spitfire - 1977

The Triumph Spitfire is a car steeped in history: it was successful in racing (Le Mans) and in rallying, and it had a production span of 18 years.

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MG B - 1974

MG B - 1974

The MG B is the quintessential British sports car.

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Fiat 500 C

Citroën 2cv - 1982

Journalist and author L. J. K. Setright described it "the most intelligent application of minimalism ever to succeed as a car".

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Fiat 500 D Ė 1972

Fiat 500 F - 1972

An Italian Icon.

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Alfa Romeo Duetto - 1971

Alfa Romeo Duetto - 1976

Anyone who ever watched Dustin Hoffman in "The Graduate" knows what an Alfa Romeo Duetto is.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Veloce - 1973

Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Veloce - 1973

Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the GTV sports coupe transcends time with its elegant yet sporty lines that have made it one of the most sought-after collectibles.

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CitroŽn DS d Super 1972

CitroŽn DS d Super 1972

When it was revealed to the public in 1955, the CitroŽn DS was truly sensational. A seamless fusion of innovative engineering, new materials and imaginative design, it caught the mood of the time.

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Citroën Traction Avant Ė 1949

Citroën Traction Avant Ė 1954

The Traction Avant is widely considered the car that established Citroën's reputation as a technology leader.

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Fiat Balilla - 1936

Fiat Balilla - 1936

The Fiat 508 Balilla project was implemented by several famous figures in the car industry of those years.

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