CitroŽn DS d Super 1972

  • CitroŽn DS d Super 1972
  • CitroŽn DS d Super 1972
  • CitroŽn DS d Super 1972

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Make: Citroen 2CV

Model: ds d super

Body type: 4-door sedan

Year: 1972

Engine: Inline-4

Cylinder capacity: 1985 cc

Power: 106bhp @4000rpm

Weight: 1310 kg

Top speed: 172Km/h (107mph)

Fuel: petrol

Color: Blue and white

Seats: 5

Beloved of philosophers and presidents alike, the Citroën DS caused a sensation when it was launched in 1955. 

DS are letters that spell “Citroën”, as well as Deese – or goddess – loud and clear, and have done so since the mid-1950s when the legendary Citroen DS, one of the most stylish and influential cars ever built, made its debut at the Salon de Paris on 5 October 1955.

Noted for its aerodynamic, futuristic body design and innovative technology, the DS set new standards in ride quality, handling, and braking.

The DS came third in the 1999 Car of the Century poll recognizing the world's most influential auto designs and was named the most beautiful car of all time by Classic & Sports Car magazine.

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